About Us

The education press is an international, independent publication dedicated to educators, students, and parents. We seek to bring the latest innovations of in pedagogical science to our international readership.

We believe that an education of the highest standard is a human right for all! Our aim to play our part to ensure that the innovations, devices, and technologies developed around the world can reach into every classroom and into the hands and minds of every student.

All of our stories are free to access and read, in their full version. We thank the generous support of our sponsors and partners for allowing us to maintain our free service.

Our Team

The Editorial Team of Education Press comprises an array of educators, writers, editors, web developers, graphic artists and consultants. We work in tandem to identify and publish key stories that are changing the way we teach and learn. Thus far, our growing team includes contributors for Canada, the United States of America, Sweden and India.

Sri Gaveen

Sri is a former science teacher, and is currently a medical student at the University of Toronto. In additional to his interest in pedagogy, he researches neurodegenerative diseases, and optimizing organ transplantation procedures.

Jalil Hajimir
Executive Editor

Jalil is a veteran educator of over 40 years. His extensive educational experience includes serving as principal of a Canadian high school. He is currently the Founder and CEO of the Canadian Open Learning Academy, offering free education in a variety of occupation and interest specific fields.

Howard Cooper
Executive Editor

Howard is an acclaimed author/freelance writer and served as a secondary school teacher in both the public and private systems. He holds a Master’s degree is psychology, in addition to  teaching and art degrees.

Ali Hajimir
Director of Development

Ali is an experienced business manager and educator. He previously taught Chemistry and English as a Second Language at the High School level before transitioning into multiple roles in industry and enterprise.

Aman Sahota
Director of Communications

Aman has coordinated multiple international student engagement events; he is also a specialist in communications, social media and digital marketing.


Current Opportunities

We are currently seeking:

  • Staff Writers
  • Researchers

If you want to join our dynamic team, please contact us for additional details.