Reshuffling Mandatory Courses

Author | Mohammed Rashwan | Canada

My take on the current education system is the following: there is some serious need of restructuring.

I believe everyone should take at least one class in logic and rhetoric in grade 11/12 so that they can better interpret and express their thoughts and beliefs more coherently. This is beneficial for even someone who isn’t wishing to pursue a post secondary education, as it will help them make more informed and educated decisions about important aspects in their lives; such as who to vote for, how to present their ideas, and many other paramount sociopolitical /economic decisions. I also believe that everyone should mandatorily take English up to grade 12 regardless of what they do as it is critical for someone living in North America to have a polished English language ability to enable them to communicate effectively and clearly with others.

I also believe taking beginner history in high school as well as choosing one history class for any overseas civilization to foster better understanding and appreciation of different ethno-religious groups’ contributions to the society which they are thriving in. One math course until the 12th grade should be mandatory no matter what. Classes like statistics would be quite useful and most of the information people receive and use in our current time period is filled with statistics and misinformation or misrepresentation. With all these courses and skills under their belts, the average citizen will be better-equipped to decipher the truth and distill what is accurate when finding themselves having to sift through lots of information.